By this cliff 

I stand by this cliff,

My mind whirling,

With nothingness,

My realm of thoughts,

Smashed into smithereens,

But yes, a small space,

Reserved for fear.

I have nothing to lose,

And nothing  to gain,

This bloody body of mine,

Is a cheap bargain.

There was a vast ocean of methods,

Stretching as far as my eyes can see,

Methods of killing myself,

And escaping from this prison,

Called life.

I thought of jumping into flames,

But if I failed,

I would be left with scars.

I thought of hanging,

But if I failed,

I would be left with broken bones.

And I contemplated,

About millions of ways,

But found that,

Jumping down this cliff,

Was the best of all,

As no one would even get my corpse,

From this depth.

The fear to live,

Gripped me tight,

Hence I chose,

To crumble my life,

Into a shred of paper,

Mangle it,

And throw it down this ridge.

But now,

I fear to die,

For when this very idea of death,

Dances in my mind,

I can’t accept that,

I wouldn’t be in the face of this earth,

To see the glory of the next dawn.

Yet, I prefer death,

Because it’s been so long,

Battling with this life-

Battles where I always fought,

Without a shield of sheer courage or,

Weapons of self-worth.

Battles where  I always lost,

Everyone I loved and,

Everything I treasured.

So, I  decide to die,

But I want to end,

These many years of my breathing,

Not with gloom,

But with glee,

And thus,

I curl my lips,

Into a fabricated smile,

And twitch my feet,

Letting myself loose,

And fall,

Deeper down this bottomless pit,

Ending this eventful saga,

Called life.

The world will still glow,

In the next morning,

And once again,

The folks will begin,

Their hunt for pound,

For what difference,

Shall the loss of this stained soul,

Make in this universe.

P.S- This has nothing to do with my real life. Oh wait! It has got. These monotonous days of sticking with the books, may force me to commit suicide. Exams round the corners and I haven’t started proper preparations. So much to study and so little time, thanks to my procrastination abilities. I’m a pro in killing time, seriously. So as my exams are popping up, my online existence will be oscillating a lot. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to read any beautiful posts of all you amazing WordPressers nor can I post any of my silly ramblings. But I won’t leave you people in peace for so long. I will come back on the 23rd of March to irk you guys even more. Miss me, alright? 😜


51 thoughts on “By this cliff 

  1. Wow Aadhi.. Such a deadly post!! Loved your way of comparing shield with confidence and weapons with self worth!! And exams, they are deadly.. Haha.. All the best for your exams! Even Modi sir gave his examination yesterday. 😛

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