Swig of Sunshine

I had a sooty sky
Inside this frail body of mine.
The dusk
Swallowed all the cells
And wrapped every organ
In my body.
Gloom filled me,
And brushed even the deepest cavities
Of my heart
Painting my within
In ebony.
There were murky clouds too-
Misconceptions and incertitudes
Mystified into clouds
And cast in the dark sky.

And you penetrated into me
Slowly but elegantly.
You were the sun
Peeping from between
Those dim clouds
Hanging in the inky sky.
From amidst those dull clouds
You emerged out
Embroidered in orange rays
And cloaked the coal black
Inside me
With your incandescent beams
And once again
Splashed in me
The blush of dawn.

Shall I call this a ‘Come Back’ post? So, I am officially unleashed from the shackles of exams. Woohoo! The past few days were boring. Poring over the books and cramming up drained out my peace of mind. EXPECTATIONS- lemme say, it will blow you up ( I think you people got it).

Anyway, in between the exams, I had done many experiments with words ( You got it right, exams didn’t stop me from writing poems!!!) and with this stuff called Visual Poetry. Here is one I have made for this poem.


Do etch down your thoughts on the comment’s space as they matter to me.


From the cray called Adhi.


43 thoughts on “Swig of Sunshine

    • What the hell?? Stop embarrassing me. Cause you are wonder times three. Believe me. You’ve got such a good vocabulary and such a good language. Don’t undermine yourself by comparing you and me. Cause I’m just a newbie and you are damn amazing. Got that??
      Anyway, thanks a double tonne for those sweet words. You never fail to make me happy πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

      Liked by 1 person

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