His Heartbeats~ Cusps Of Love #3

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Anushka collapsed into the nearby chair. It was more than what she could take. Her husband was no more. She had known him for just a year because her marriage was paradigmatic Indian matrimony. But all the love that he showered on her had a millennium’s depth.

Tears cascaded down her blanch cheeks. She buried her head in her hands. Her heart couldn’t swallow the fact of Manav’s death. ” It’s just a nightmare” , she told herself. But she had to take it. It was reality.

Dr.Lakshmi’s eyes too were welled up. She walked towards Anushka.

” We tried our level best dear. But all our efforts were in vain. He had to succumb to his injuries”,  said Dr. Lakshmi, weeping. ” His car collided with another car. There were three others in that car, a dad, mom and child. The dad met a spot death. The mom, child and Manav were brought here. Manav’s last call was to your number, so we called you. We couldn’t find any details about the mom and child. The police will definitely find out.”

Anushka lifted her tear streaked face. ” What about the child and mom, doctor?”

” The mother too died. The child hasn’t got much afflictions. But..”

” But what doctor?”

” On her deathbed, the mother told us about the congenital heart disease her child is suffering from. They were rushing with the cherub to the hospital. The child needs an immediate heart transplantation  else, else he will expire.”

Anushka clapped her hands to her mouth. Another death. And that too of a child, an innocent child. Thoughts danced rapidly in her mind. She gave it a cross thought. ‘How could the child live without his parents? In that case, isn’t death better?’. But she erased it away fast.

” Can Manav’s heart save the child doctor?”, she asked the doctor.

Tears rolled down the doctor’s pale face. Apparently, that was what the doctor wanted to tell her. But Anushka-

“Yes it can. This mercy you show can save that child’s life”, said Dr.Lakshmi, wearing a twinkling smile in her woebegone face. ” This is a legal matter. You would have to sign here to show your consent”, she continued, producing a paper and a pen. Anushka grabbed the pen firmly and  signed her consent.

Dr. Lakshmi made all the arrangements for the surgery.


The surgery was successful. The child’s life had been saved. The police had gathered information about the family and some of their family friends had been brought to the hospital. According to what they told, the mom’s name was Sameera and the dad’s name was Abraham and they were from Kerala. Sameera had eloped, just a day before her arranged marriage, with her neighbor Abraham, who belonged to a different religion. Since then, their families had indulged in a conflict and neither of them maintained contacts with Sameera or Abraham. They settled in Bangalore and soon got a child, Johan, who was born with CHD.

Meanwhile, Manav’s and Anushka’s family members too reached the hospital.


Anushka got into the room to see the five year old Johan breathing his normal life. She shed tears of joy upon seeing him breathing safe.

Dr. Lakshmi patted on her shoulders and beamed.

” Doctor, we have saved little Jo’s life. But wouldn’t it be meaningless if he has to live without his parents?”, Anushka asked.

” Yes…but”

“In that case, can I adopt him?”

Dr. Lakshmi’s face brightened up like the sun. She was not expecting this.

She replied in a saccharine voice, ” You are a magnanimous soul. We will do the legal procedures fast”. Her voice was enhanced with respect.


Jo’s eyes had a special dazzle. His face fitted a beautiful smile. He had a sweet fragrance. He had Manav in himself, in his heart and in his name- Johan Manav. He had become Anushka’s son. On this day, an year back her life had taken a complete new turn.

She drew Jo closer to her and lifted him up, pressing her ears on his chest. She listened to the heart beat, the pounding of Manav’s heart. She shed glimmering tears, her cusps of love and planted a kiss on Jo’s cheek.


The End



A Lifeless Body ~ Cusps of Love #2


This is a weaving to The Anniversary #Cusps Of Love yarn.


” This is doctor Lakshmi from Cosmopolitan and I want you to be here as soon as possible. No more delays”, came the voice from other side. And the phone was hung. Anushka was flustered and rattled. Her mind turned topsy turvy and infinite questions raced in her messy brain. The absence of her husband just made everything worse.  After having a cup of cold water, she seized the car keys and pulled her car from the driveway. Holding the steering with her tremulous hands was a difficult task.

She somehow managed to reach Cosmopolitan. Her heart was pounding very fast and it seemed as though there was an amplifier fixed inside her body for she could hear her heart beating.

Walking was yet another difficult effort for her legs were rickety.  She walked to the counter desk.

“May I meet Dr.Lakshmi?”, Anushka asked, nervousness echoing through her voice.

” Are you someone of Manav?”, asked the rawboned man in the counter.

“Ye..ye..yes. I..I’m..his wi..wife”, stammered Anushka, fidgeting with the car key.

” Well, please come with me.”

Anushka followed him. Her head rotated like a topspin. He stopped in front of a petite looking woman, wearing a green theater uniform. She suspected the woman to be Dr. Lakshmi.

” Dr. Lakshmi, this is Manav’s wife”, said the scrawny man pointing at Anushka. She was beginning to fall when Dr. Lakshmi grabbed her arms. Her eyes wore a pity look.

” Be brave”, she whispered to Anushka.

Anushka hid her suspicions. “Manav?!?”. She relieved herself with a set of deep breaths.

” What about the child, doctor”, chimed in the receptionist.

” Critical”, she replied.

Dr. Lakshmi took Anushka to a room. There was a bed in a corner. There was somebody under the white sheet in the bed. Anushka went close to the bed and clasped her hands together.  The nurse pulled the sheet slowly.

It was Manav, his eyes wide open. His eyes had lost its usual glint which could put the galaxies to shame. His ever beaming lips had set into a straight line. His happiness radiating face was expressionless. He was DEAD.

To be continued…



The Anniversary~ Cusps of Love #1


The morning blush. Soft, aureate rays of sunlight fell on her bronzed skin. The sun-kissed warmth woke her up from a tranquil slumber. She engaged in fisticuffs with the cocoons of comforters she was swathed with. And finally, she was out of her four-poster bed and she walked towards the mirror, groggily. Stretching her body, she slowly leapt  from the sleepy, torpid mood. A jotting was stuck on the mirror which read:

Good Morning Sweety,

 Sorry Anu but I had to leave for office early as clients from Germany had come and wanted an urgent meeting with us. I will come back home by four. Dress up by then and we will go for an outing. My phone will remain switched off as it is an extremely crucial meeting. Rise up and shine, darling.



Anushka smiled on the thoughtfulness of her husband. He knew that the first place she would grace by her presence every morn was the mirror.

It was a Thursday, the 14th of January, their first wedding anniversary, and both of them had decided on the other day that they would take a day off and planned an outing which was to be topped by a candlelight dinner from one of the finest restaurants in Bangalore. Now that the plan had to be cancelled, a rather typical wife would have screamed at her husband for ruining THE DAY. But Anushka was not that type- she was a realistic and practical woman.

Anushka made up her mind not to go to office. She decided to arrange a cozy party for the two of them at their home itself rather than going for a jaunt. All the decorations were put up with a white theme as it was Manav’s favorite color and a red velvet cake was bought, which was on his best- loved list too. She made sure that double blue ticks fell on every message and that she replied to them all. A lovely Facebook status was put.

It was almost four and she was anticipating his arrival any minute from now. ” Manu would be happily flabbergasted”, she thought. The needle in the clock struck five and still Manu was not home. “The meeting might have  got delayed”, she said herself. An hour more swept by. Manav was not yet home. She thought that he might have been caught up in traffic. She was about to call him but dropped the idea when the note in the mirror crossed her mind.  It was almost six, and Manav wasn’t back. Anushka started feeling nervous. She called Sourav, Manav’s office mate. But he said that Manav left the office at sharp 3:30. She sought methods of self-relief. ‘ Maybe, he stopped at the floral shop’, ‘ He must have gone to the bakery to buy a cake, maybe’ …

After some time, her phone rang in the moonlit reminiscences ringtone. An unsaved number. She picked up coldly and softly said, ” Hello”.

“Hello, is this Anushka?”, came an unfamiliar female voice from the other side.

“Yes. May I know who is with me, please”


To be continued…