Lethal Dreams 



There were dreams

Swimming and surfing

In the ocean inside my brain

Dreams that grew with me, and

Desires that I breathed .

And then you entered my life

Not unlike how a nightmare creeps in

During a cozy night slumber.

You turned my life topsy-turvey

And slowly ripped off

My colored dreams.

I collected the fragments

And tried fixing it all back

Like how one fits

The pieces of jigsaw puzzles.

But those shattered dreams of mine

Didn’t fit together

To form my beautiful dreams, over again.

So I shoved those pieces

Behind the books

In the dusty bookshelf

Where not even a ray of sunlight

Would fall and grace the mass.


Those once delightful dreams of mine

Now lay, cluttered in the dark

Not because I didn’t want them

But because you didn’t.

I have heard of people, especially women, who had abandoned all their dreams after marriage. They had sacrificed the life they wanted for the sake of their family. I was seeing a movie last night which portrayed this theme. And I just scribbled a poem. Does it even make some sense??