An Autumn of Thoughts. 


There’s a void in my mind

Fuming  with nothingness.

The vacuum spread

All through out my brain

Killing all the fancy and fantasy

That engulfed it before.

I feel stranded

In a world without words,

Which was akin to

A world without bliss.

Hollowness sealed my mind

Making me feel like a broken toy

Strangling me to an inner death.

Emptiness eked inside

Vaporizing every bit of thoughts

That used to cascade down like a fall.

A grisly feeling of worthlessness

Envelops me

Every time I sit down

By the edge of the bed

Making fruitless attempts

   At penciling pieces of poetry.

Well, writer’s block is a hard stuff, right? My brain runs empty of thoughts every now and then. Yesterday, I thought of scribbling another poem, while my brain was scarce of ideas. That is when I thought of writing a poem on Writer’s block itself. Interesting theme, right? * Lemme pop up my collar 😀 * It didn’t come out real good but somehow I could mirror my feelings. What do you guys think?!?