A Note From The Bespectacled




I am Adhithya, meaning Sun. I love being called Adhi and this will tell you why 😀 I wear glasses from three years of age, so much that it is an inevitable part of my life. I look dorky in glasses but without it, I feel quite incomplete. The name of my blog will give you a clue. *Nerdiness shines through my face with glasses, just kidding*.  I am the single child of a doting dad and lovely mom, my comfort circle. My birthday falls on a destructive day, September 11 2001, the day World Trade Center crashed in the United States. A true Virgo. I hail from Kerala, a.k.a ” God’s own Country”. I am a solitude lover *more like, a hermit inside the cocoons of blanket in her room* . I am neither too corpulent nor that slender, but stands somewhere in the middle. The middle stand holds good for my height too. I’m a hypochondriac 😛 Dance and music fills up the vacant vents in my soul. And I am color-aholic and I breathe them. Black, purple, blue, green and white are my favorite tints.

The only word which perfectly defines my personality is complicated. Like many out there, I have my masks. There are many faces behind the one visible face, ’cause darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream *Chill Tay*.  I have not known myself more and so, I am going through a phase called Self-Exploration!

I love to write and it’s that passion that brought me to WordPress. My blog is just a pint-sized star in this Universe called WordPress, considering the number of blogs here * I really visualize the scene of being some intergalactic celestial stuff* I feel super excited upon being a part of Blogosphere. The name of this blog was something that struck my mind randomly. Calisthenics is some sort of exercise and in this blog, I am kinda exercising with words to improve my writing skills. In here, you will find reflections, poems,tales and more.

So, I guess, you have learnt a thing or two about me. You can twig up a little more through this and maybe through this too.

Thanks a tonne for taking out some minutes from your precious time for surfing in through my cray-space. 😀

Do let me know your thoughts through the comments section.